About Me

I’m Larae Malooly, an Amsterdam-based freelance copywriter, journalist, editor, ghostwriter, researcher, and translator with professional experience since 1998. I’m a native English speaker, an information junkie, and pride my self on being creative, well-organised, and proactive when it comes to writing.  Click here for a link to my CV. 


My style is rooted in journalism and storytelling, on the tradition of weaving a story that anyone can understand. The result is accurate, interesting, and snappy. Over the years, I’ve written about culture, music, science, technology, sustainability, medicine, civil society, politics, business, products, education, and academic research.

My career has crossed many platforms, be it writing and editing copy for traditional publications, for digital, or for tv & radio scripting. I have a BA in Journalism and an MSc in International Relations/Political Science.

As an editor, I’m a stickler for not just grammar but also for flow, voice, and ensuring the concepts are concise yet engaging. As a journalist and writer, my passion is interviewing people, having a candid conversation, and telling their story. Since everyone has a story, tell me, what is yours? Let me know by writing to laraelarae @ gmail.com

As a professional ghostwriter and project editor, putting your ideas on paper is one of my specialties. You have a great story with no time to write it, so I spend time with you over a series of interviews/conversations in which you reveal your story and then write your book based on our discussions. This is a time-saving option that can lead to a well-researched, well-written book. We can have our interviews over video conference. An editorial team will take the ideas you’ve discussed and bring them to life in a manuscript that’s ready for design and launch.

What do I like working on?

I enjoy improving websites, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), brochures, campaigns, journal articles, scientific or technical material, biographies, fiction or non-fiction books, memoirs, grant proposals, social media, advertisements, or point-of-sale text. I even once wrote a eulogy.

These three levels breakdown what I can do:

Level One: 

Maybe you just need a proofreader: meticulously scanning your work for grammar and spelling mistakes while fixing some glaring issues in those crucial, tear-your-hair-out-moments just before publishing.

Level Two:

Need more? Then I’ll be your copy editor: fixing the above errors, but also making consistent the tone and voice, checking for accuracy, and pulling together the entire piece — line by line.

Level Three:

Maybe your work is hot mess that needs even more. Then as your developmental editor, I play a more in-depth role that involves: conceptualising the project, creating a strategy, outlining the content, researching the material, writing for structure and style, meeting the criteria not only for your audience, but also for the genre or industry. After this developmental phase, we would then return to copy editing and proofreading for true written perfection.

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