Swift tidal currents, wetlands and seagulls are famous images of the biodiverse Wadden Sea, but they are also the forces of nature that make it a precarious habitat for mussels… (Read the full article here)

Music review

Considering how small Ireland is, the international popularity of Celtic music per capita is magically delicious… (Read the full article online here)

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Our latest navigation products are optimised for daily use; with real-time traffic information, speed camera alerts and Lifetime maps, they get you to every destination as quickly as possible… (See full web text in action here)

NGO report

From the challenges some child helpline organisations are facing to learning about the different dynamics of the child helplines represented across their region, the 31 attendees at Child Helpline International Asia Pacific Regional Consultation shared a good deal of insight about their experience during the event… (Read full report¬†here)  

Film review

“Thirty years from now is yesterday,” Old Joe tells his younger self cryptically from across the table of a remote American Midwest diner. Old Joe and Young Joe sit face to face, 30 years apart but eating the same steak and eggs… (Click here for full article)¬†

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The area in and around Maastricht abounds in secret fortifications. They come in the form of gates, walls, fortresses, casemates and mysterious tunnels that run for hundreds of kilometers under the city and inside nearby forested hills. Numerous and spanning so many centuries, each type of fortification marks another milestone or turbulent era in the…