My clients are diverse: academic researchers, government agencies, NGOs, tech companies, and artists have all used my skills. My expertise is just as broad, writing or editing creative, technical, journalistic, and academic copy in the form of articles, brochures, research, reports, biographies, and books.

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Below you’ll find a broad sampling of writing:

Book writing and editing:

Editor and translator for the City of Amsterdam publication StartupCitya handbook about private-public partnership, describing local government’s role in developing the startup tech industry within a municipality.



Website content writing samples:

tom-tom-logo-fontPoint-of-sale copywriter for TomTom navigational devices Commuter and NAV


hellabeem-logoTranslator (NL to EN) and copywriter for Dutch/Sri Lankan NGO Hellabeem


wysetc-logoWebsite copywriter for World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation (WYSETC)


CHIReports and analysis for NGO Child Helpline International



Journalistic writing samples:

All articles below were published in a range of periodicals, ranging from the Amsterdam monthly The Holland Times, the business weekly El Paso, Inc., the entertainment weekly What’s Up, the entertainment newspaper The Tucson Weekly, and others.

History/News: “NATO Headquarters Declassified“, The Holland Times

Science: “Mussel bed restoration in the Dutch Waddenzee“, The Holland Times

News: “Burqa ban stirs Europe-wide debate“, The Holland Times

News: “The Risks of Reporting, a report on press freedom and safety”, Part I and Part II, The Holland Times, April 2010 (note: please give these large PDFs time to load)

News: “Student Protesters Demand Financial Support“, The Holland Times

Music: “Touch o’ the Irish, Punk Style“, Tucson Weekly

Music: “SXSW Reflections“, The Tucson Weekly

Social Media: “Addiction, Thy Name is Friendster“, The Tucson Weekly

News: “How Press Free Are We?Amsterdam Weekly

Travel Blogging: “Don’t Mess with Monks in Myanmar“, Roadjunky

Theater Review: “Denk Has it Down to a Science“, Las Cruces Sun News

Music: “Zeerok, No Slave to the Ridiculous“, What’s Up El Paso

Literary Review: “Marian Haddad, poet”, (scroll down the page to see my contribution)

Academic journal and conference papers (editing)

Lub, V. & T. de Leeuw (2016). Perceptions of Neighbourhood Safety and Policy Response: A Qualitative Approach. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research (Online First). (PDF)

Lub, V. & Engbersen, G. (2016). Applying the Razor. Reductionist Approaches as an Alternative in Social Policy Evaluation. Paper presented at the 12th Biennial Conference of the European Evaluation Society, Maastricht, The Netherlands. 28-80 September 2016.

Lub, V. (2016). Neighbourhood Watch in the Netherlands: Crime Control or Culture of Control? Paper presented at the 16th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, Muenster, Germany. 21-24 September 2016.

Lub, V. (2016). Underpinning Big Society? Theory and theory use in methods for social participation. Paper presented at the 6th International Conference on Sociology and Social Work, Zwolle, The Netherlands. 25-26 August 2016.

Lub, V. (2015). Validity in qualitative evaluation: linking purposes, paradigms and perspectives. International Journal of Qualitative Methods. 14, 5, 1-8. (PDF)

Lub, V. & T. de Leeuw (2015). Perceptions of Crime and Policy Response: A case study of Rotterdam. Paper presented at the 15th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, Porto, Portugal. 2-5 September 2015.

Lub, V. (2014). The Plausibility of Policy. Case studies from the social domain. The Hague: Eleven International Publishing. [Doctoral Thesis]

Lub, V. (2013). Polarisation, Radicalisation and Social Policy. Evaluating the Theories of Change. Evidence & Policy. A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice, 9, 2, 165-183. (PDF)

Lub, V. & M. Uyterlinde (2012). Evaluating State-Promoted Civic Engagement and Participation of Vulnerable Groups. The Paradoxical Policies of the Social Support Act in the Netherlands. Journal of Social Policy, 41, 2, 373-390. (PDF)

Lub, V. & G. Lucassen (2012). Reconsidering Views on Immigration in Europe. A Cross-National and Longitudinal Study. Paper presented at the International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences Conference, Lisbon, Portugal. September 9-12. (PDF)